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May 9, 2013


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DevianTop Jan-May, 2013

Journal Entry: Thu May 9, 2013, 3:03 PM
  • Not all of these have to be links!

Another title!
Some sample text!

We all like sample text :D

Hiya there folks! How are you going? :D
Sorry about the late article, I had to do some trips for work and stuff. But there is it, I hope you like it! :D
Note: for those who aren't familiar with devianTop, feel free to visit this one to know what's about :)…

Now you can participate! :D Next month, and this one too, if any of you like, and you have the time to look for good artwork but not for making a journal, you can suggest a few pics of your favorite artists. Send me a note with your favorite pics 10-15 (of various artist, one piece per artist) pieces per person, you can suggest anything, just:
:iconpurplebutterflyplz: It has to be somethig that isn't porn! (if you're not sure, send me the link, and I'll decide. I reserve the rights to decline any porn pic, because if not, what's the point of this article?!) Sensual drawings/photos can be accepted.
:iconpurplebutterflyplz: It has to be a pic that was submmited on the present month.
:iconpurplebutterflyplz: A piece from a different artist than the ones that I've already featured. So to give more exposure to the artist that can't reach the first pages of the "browse".
:iconpurplebutterflyplz: It has to have quality, cos that's how I think I could help people get away from supporting porn, showing real art of good quality. (I reserve the right to decline a bad quality art, rough sketches are sujected to my opinion. )
:iconpurplebutterflyplz: Not to have excessive violence/gore, for respect to the people who are too sensitive (who are a lot, believe me! )
Also you can suggest special pics for this special article of Mother's day since today! And I really thank to my dear friend :iconmotion-music: For spreading the love about it, making this the best feature article I've ever had the pleasure to do! Thanks a lot really for doing something with me, it means a world for me! It's such an amazing honor! :excited:
:iconfireworks2plz: :iconrainbowsparkleplz: So now the art! :D :iconrainbowsparkleplz: :iconfireworks2plz:

Painting the world by Yuuza docked at station 5 by rtil LeoTiger by hoschie Flutterspy by krowzivitch :thumb370575506: What if Flounder.... by Nippy13 TH - Pink and Black by IntroducingEmy I believe in you by aoao2 daydreamer by gestiefeltekatze SPG SpineNeck by jameson9101322 Commission for CptConfusion by MySweetQueen Cat and his Wyvern SOLD by Lingrimm Granado Espada - Cosplay Haute Couture by yayacosplay #025 - Pikachu by Aenea-Jones Disney University - Adam (Beast) by Hyung86 holy crap what if it was a helmet????? by nebezial Warmth And Beauty by QAuZ I need yer vote! by Flying-Fox Milk bath by abclic your trojans in my head by Fukari :thumb370564793: Kyogre by greyanimebeast Give me a title....... by Betuwefotograaf Spring starts with autumn by m-eralp Grandma's Cooking Lesson by stengchen :thumb370580844: 2013 09 The-Entrance by nathie Spicy Rose Cupcakes by cakecrumbs - Nothing can get in your way - by DevaPein Painting Bioshock Infinite by speedportraits Her place in the Sun by iNeedChemicalX Through the Main Gate by merl1ncz Old: Good Kart by ionen Miss Loulou Latex-Dress Kl0021 by AmatorisLatexCouture Web of Color by wolfepaw A whole new World by PetraImboden Young and fresh by woxys The Four Seasons by sagittariusgallery green on her mind - Batman by Mostflogged Snow Fairy by RazielMB Spring time23 by malaladanila Zora Sapphire Necklace Twilight Prince Zelda OOAK by TorresDesigns Steps of Zen by AndrewShoemaker Kitten in a Teacup by aruarian-dancer In A Crowd by WishmasterAlchemist RAHTARHNOX by LUNARIEEN Guidance by eddiecalz TulipTwins_jm6240 by joergens-mi j o u r n e y by uchuubranko Iron man by Korg1987 April by ILLIANxTHERONE Just Beachy by mariannaphotography Our Special Day by sugarpoultry . Priestess Of The Moon . by Alimika For kayandjay100 by Digithalie 3D Drawing - Machine hand by NAGAIHIDEYUKI wolverine by joel27 Chocolate Swiss Roll by claremanson Melia by Magancito Cross Currents by GreyRadian Blue eye by Cindy-R TulipTwins_jm6240 by joergens-mi Flow Of Time's Arrow by MoodyBlue Shangorila by camilkuo the colour of nickel sulfate crystals by Xin-tetsu Tangled by sharandula spring portrait of me by gestiefeltekatze Angelic Descent by Dee-T eye see you by phantasydreamer Chloie by Enigma-Fotos Commission for Whitewolfsev by Silverfox5213 Commission - Hathor and Atem by sakura-a-i Painting Study by CauseImDanJones It is where we are by Frozenspots I believe in you by aoao2 magic of studying by anndr Terraforming diaries - A boring day on Eta Hydri 4 by Vidom The voices I hear had warned me by dennybutt Smells like spring by Silvermoonswan pattern with fine stripes by Andrea1981G till the end of time by lpdragonfly Life Between Clouds by Nelleke Apple Pie by DAV-19 Rainbow by sakimichan Chocolate Swiss Roll by claremanson Princess Celestia with updated pattern by WhiteDove-Creations ivy! by RRRAI :thumb370600912: Maybe It's Everything Maybe It's Nothing by goRillA-iNK Teenage Trauma by Zombiesmile Black Light Galaxy - with Tutorial by KatieAlves Aurora Borealis by NinjaKato Tea by Valerie-V Toothiana Arrives by K-EL-P 'Jinkies' by theCHAMBA Oh my by vaporotem gold by LuciKoshkina Badge Nightycloud - Commish Naturama #1 by Nakouwolf Page step-by-step tutorial by Xamag Pokemon : Nature by Sa-DuiTextures studies by Azot2014 How I Draw Comics by Zombiesmile Etude documentaire Avril 2013 by Seppyo Morning in Technicolor by MyLifeThroughTheLens . GLOW . by KimberleePhotography Sansa - Game of Thrones Process by AaronGriffinArt I'll get you by hecatehell :: Mephiles Chibi by Chibi-Nuffie Lava Fields by MartaNael Namina by Strawberry-Loupa Human Ponidox Rarity by GlancoJusticar Tutorial - Curves on Girls by Ai-Bee The Last Song by InaWong IF-13328 by ourlak -Flygon- by arvalis Fait sa gym by scubapic:thumb355137791: An den Landungsbruecken by DanielHeydecke Dawn Dragon by TrollGirl - Bioshock Infinite - by coreymill Morning Boy - Drawing by Alantka longing for colors , by megatruh Commission: Maria by chuwenjie how i do freckles by domirine Not So Scary With Eyes by NatashaDSaville Art-Trade .:Rocko y Spunki:. by Rashi-pi Tentacles by pqphotography Flux Podcast by Chukairi Victorian Iris by IcaZell My Little Pony - Inspiration Is Magic by GBIllustrations Nebula Night by naked-in-the-rain Emperor of the Stars by iNeedChemicalX SpiderCat by TammyPhotography Shy by Slawa Sonic by JoshSummana Captain bridge by Real-SonkeS Elizabeth - Serene by squigi Male Bust and Height Chart by Twokinds Kate - Android: Netrunner by Viccolatte Orbiter by alchemaniac Opposing Worlds by NicolasAlexanderOtto Lost in The Crowd by MyLifeThroughTheLens Goura victoria by Verenique Landing Field by Sergey-Lesiuk Sunday Night Football by kory83 Aquatic creature II by Febrilis Wind Claw by Raverunner The finished Wishing Dress by Katikut Private Moment. by andy-j-s one bad photo. by djkb Cornish Twighlight by SevenHeptagons 5 minutes from the life of planet Earth by white-white 127/365 by DaphneNg Green Scotland by AustriaAngloAlliance Gomamon by MagnaStorm Patchwork by Razuri-chan Myranda by Enigma-Fotos Lunch time by Ry-Spirit LOOK AT THAT HIGH DEFINITION by knuFaD-zzaJ Macaw by BeeZee-Art Disney Princess: Aurora by Kizuna-chan :thumb350281641: Persist by Dee-T Cote d'Albatre by TobiasRichter Tsabella by Claparo-Sans St. Margaret of Antioch by rcooper27 Pangolin by jenniferhom :thumb349326425: Quixotic:: Artbook Preview by Shilloshilloh Wendy Corduroy Dress-up by finalmix13 Rei Ayanami by Futella Randall Clipboard by pitbulllady Kaidan Alenko fun times. by Smashley-Simpson Call of the Dragonmaster by aneley Similarities by La-maldita Koramund by Mr--Jack Layla by kinkei Vanellope cosplay by Tenori-Tiger Spanta[Neous]ly [Ridic]ulous by Ludiiicrous When Light Hit by QAuZ Rain by Chukairi Viola Flower Cupcake by theresahelmer TULIAREEL by LUNARIEEN Sunset romance by m-eralp Fade Away Girl by leotyler WereCats by TheDayIsSaved The Twilight Magistrate by I-am-knot Eternal Battle by Maxa-art My Universe by Selenada Iris by RGUS Daylight Nightlight by Trichardsen

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Thank you so much for this beautiful feature. :heart: :hug:
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It was my pleasure mate! :hug: :aww:
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Always my pleasure mate!! :D You're one of the best artist I've meet!
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Always my pleasure! :D
Seppyo Featured By Owner May 13, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks you very much for the feature atrix !! :D
Atrixfromice Featured By Owner May 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Awww c'est mon plaisir mon amie! :glomp: Merci toi pour le grand art! :excited: Ton art ne pouvait pas manquer en ce feature!
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